7 Cat toys for indoor cats

Feather Wand: Cats love to chase and pounce on feathered toys attached to a wand. It mimics hunting and keeps them active.

Interactive Laser Pointer: Laser pointers engage cats in endless fun as they chase the elusive dot of light around the room.

Catnip Toys: Many cats are drawn to catnip, so toys filled with catnip can provide hours of entertainment and stimulation.

Ball Track Toys: Cats enjoy batting at balls inside tracks or tubes, and these toys can keep them occupied for hours.

Tunnel Toys: Collapsible tunnels provide a place for your cat to hide, pounce, and play, offering endless amusement.

Sisal Scratching Posts: While not a traditional toy, these posts are essential for cats to scratch and keep their claws healthy.

Interactive Robotic Toys: Robotic toys that move unpredictably can captivate your cat's attention and keep them engaged.

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